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A quick guide explaining how to setup various modules for people new to the bot

Quickstart Guide

The first step is to invite the bot. You can add it by clicking here

Changing the bot prefix

Run ;prefix add <prefix> to add a new prefix


;prefix add :

Now the new prefix will be :

Advanced Usage: Prefix

Setting up YouTubeCount

Run the ;youtubecount create command


For most users, the default setup of ;youtubecount create <link> is sufficient. <link> could be a channel link to your creator or any video by them

Advanced Usage: YouTube Count

Setting up TwitchCount

Run the ;twitchcount create command


For most users, the default setup of ;twitchcount create <username> is sufficient. <username> should be name of the streamer on twitch

Advanced Usage: Twitch Count

Setting up Server Count

Run the ;servercount create command for the most basic setup

Advanced Usage: Server Count

Setting up Suggestions

Create a suggestions channel with ;suggestions create command. This creates a new channel which has the adequate permissions set for users

Now users can send suggestions in that channel with the ;suggest command!


The Suggestion Module is a very feature rich extension. Make sure to read the Suggestions Tab and Suggestion Categories

Advanced Usage: Suggestions

Setup Tags

Creating tags is super simple. Just use ;tag + <name> <content>

You can create as many tags as you want. To edit a tag, use the ;tag edit <name> <content> command.

;tag + hi Hello

This will create a tag named "hi" with the response "hello". Users can do either ;tag hi or just ;hi to run the command.


The Tags have varying degrees of complexity and configurability. Make sure to read the Tags Tab for more info

Advanced Usage: Tags

Tags With Webhooks

The main reason why the tag feature is so popular is because the use of webhooks to send messages. You can set the username and avatar which will appear on the tag response message.

You first need to set up webhooks in the channels in which you want the tags to work. Use the ;setup [channels]... command to set multiple channels at once.

;setup #channel-1 #channel-2 #channel-3


Each channel can only have upto 10 webhooks. This is a discord limitation. You don't need to worry. The bot will use any webhook from that channel

This should be it. The bot will now use the username and avatar of the webhook in those channels. This can be pretty inconsistent. So consider setting a global username and avatar_url. Use the ;set [avatar_url] [username] where [avatar_url] could be a link to an image or an attached image along with the command

Advanced Usage: Tags with Webhooks

Last update: 2020-10-21