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The questions that are asked too often that this became a necessity!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the youtube/twitch count channels update?

The answer to this is a little complicated. Both Twitch Count and YouTube Count work on a loop. When the loop starts, it pulls all the channels to update and starts updating them.

If you added your channel or made changes recently then you have to wait for the current loop to finish (so that your channel could be added in the next loop) and then wait for the next loop to finish (so that it could actually be completed)

This is all automatic and you don't need to worry about running any more commands

Why is YouTube Count so slow?

The YouTube API only allows us 5000 requests per day. With the amount of channels we have to get info about increasing, the time it takes for each loop to complete increases dramatically.

How can i get faster loops or more counts for more creators/streamers?

If you want faster updates or more counts, consider joining our atreon

Why can't we add more than 20 suggestion categories?

Discord only allows 20 reactions per message. So the category choosing message can't have any more options. Adding another message will just clutter things up!

So for now it will remain like this

Why are some features only for premium?

The core functions of the bot are free. Only the features that require tonnes of resources or that which aren't feasible to be put on a public bot are put on the premium.

Another reason for this is bot hosting changes. The VPS(Virtual Private System) on which the bot runs isn't free. So by the support of our lovely patreons, we are able to keep the bot alive for masses!

If you also want to help support the development of the bot, consider joining our atreon

Last update: 2020-12-14