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Welcome to the AXVin Bot Docs!

These docs contain all the explanations of the bot commands along with examples on how to use them

Things that you need to keep in mind

  • ; before the commands is meant to be replaced by your server prefix.

    Default Prefixes
    • ;
    • Bot mention (@AXVin#4169)
  • Do not use any brackets(<>, [], etc) shown in the command. Those act as placeholders. Replace them with your desired values

    • <> means the argument is required. You must provide a value for this
    • [] means the argument is optional. You can skip this value if you want to.


      Sometimes there are default value for some arguments. If you don't provide your own argument then that default value will be used.


      ;avatar [member] without the [member] will show the avatar of the author

    • []... means the argument can accept multiple values


      ;multiban [members]... [days=0] [reason] can take multiple members so that you can ban them with just one command

  • Most commands or Modules have their own detailed help explanations. Make sure you read them with ;help <command>. For example: ;help youtubecount

Discord Bots

Last update: 2020-10-21